Abandoned 18 Years Ago, How Is Alex Doing Today?

Alex and his Dad Any Brooke.

House of Hope Director of Development and ER staff member Jenny Reitz Compère, shared this story in her July newsletter. It tells the journey of Alex, a young boy who came to House of Hope under dire circumstances. Located in the town of LaPointe on Haiti’s north coast, House of Hope serves children who are orphaned, abandoned, abused or neglected. 

By Jenny Reitz Compère

Last month, ER partner House of Hope (HOH) was pleased to have our friends from the Hands of Hope organization in the United Kingdom (UK) visit. They have supported the HOH in many ways over the years, but the link we have with them that means the most to both of us is a young man — their son Alex.

kevAlex was an extremely sick nine-month-old boy, who had recently lost his mom and been abandoned by his dad, when he made his appearance at the HOH. Our friends from England, Andy and Carol Brooke, were visiting when Alex first came on the scene. God spoke to their hearts about this precious life, and soon they were knee deep in adoption plans and regulations. It was a terribly long and exhausting six-year process as they waded through all the legal work to make Alex (or Kev — for those of you who remember him from the late 1990s) a part of their family.

Alex has grown into an incredible young man. He finished his schooling in the United Kingdom and will be starting a three-year degree in Product Design at Swansea University in the fall. Alex’s mom and dad (Andy and Carol) reflected on Alex’s journey to adulthood:

“Alex arrived in the UK two weeks before his fifth birthday, in August 2001. We were the first British couple to adopt from Haiti, which is why it took almost four years to complete the process. Alex is 18 now and waiting for his examination results in preparation for university. He’ll be 19 on September 8.

“He has developed into a fine young man and we are really very proud of him, but we will never forget that he had a great start with you (Jenny) and Linda (Felix, HOH Administrator). It was the best start he could have wished for, we reckon, despite his family circumstances. We believe you should be every bit as proud of him as we are. He is really looking forward to our trip to Haiti.”

Their visit was a great time of catching up and relationship building between Alex and the current kids at HOH.  He made an effort to relearn some of his Creole, and in exchange, he taught our HOH boys to play rugby!

While this story is unique because we don’t often do adoptions out of the HOH, we are thankful it was an option for the Brooke family.  We are sharing it to encourage you and your partnership with us in this special work we do of caring for kids who have no other options. HOH has been changing lives just like Alex’s since 1956 and we couldn’t do it if it wasn’t for the support that you give us in so many ways.  Thank you for your help!

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