Lala and Nannie Thriving In House Of Hope Haiti

tati Jen & her girls (Medium)

Jenny Reitz-Compere is an ER staff member serving with House of Hope, a children’s home located in northern Haiti. House of Hope serves children who are abandoned, abused, neglected or orphaned. Many of the children suffer from severe illnesses. Here, Jenny shares her most recent report. Jenny hails from Canada and is supported through ER Canada.

I am back from my trip to Haiti.  It was a wonderful time for all of us and as always ended too soon. I have many stories to share and hope to do that in bits and pieces over the next few weeks.

Of course, seeing my two girls just made my trip and we spent as much time as possible together over the weeks I was there. Every time we had a chance to hug Nannie (on right) would tell me, “I’m not done with you yet” and the hug would go on for a while longer. They are both doing really well though, and Lala (on left) is just a huge help with all of the younger kids. I’m so proud of both of them. Lala brings a seriousness of someone who knows the importance of bringing order out of chaos, and Nannie comes along behind and brings an insatiable joy to every aspect of life.

tati jen & lyse (Medium)Another highlight for me was finally getting to hold little Lyse. What a precious little girl. I was surprised to see how alert she was; she is a fighter and is just fighting for her life with all her might.  Here we are…

Every day is touch and go for little Lyse as she can hardly go a week without needing a blood transfusion. This makes each day stressful for her mom and dad as blood is not always easy to find. They asked me to pass along their thank you to you all for keeping them in your prayers.

On my way into Haiti, I received a phone call from a friend in Miami who has a doctor friend who wants to see if he can help us help Lyse. While we do not know if anything really can be done to help her complicated conditions, we are so thrilled to have that possibility arise. I was able to get all the information we needed to write a complete medical history for her.  We have sent it to the doctor and are just waiting for him to get back to us with his thoughts. Please continue to remember this family.

We are already busy getting things together for the new school year. We have many uniforms to get made as well as decisions as to who should study in which school. One of our biggest needs as the start of the school year looms before us is the finances to pay the tuition, books and uniforms for the year.

We appreciate you all and the various ways you help us bring hope to the children and youth of Haiti.  Learn more about House of Hope here. Subscribe to Jenny’s blog here.

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