Extreme Response International exists to “change the lives of those living in extreme, often life-threatening, situations.”

Extreme Response International 3

Extreme Response International is a humanitarian aid organization committed to changing the lives of people living in extreme, often life-threatening, situations. From locations in North and South America, Africa and Asia, we operate a series of programs designed to bring help and hope to those in need, with a particular emphasis on at-risk children and women. Our impact is strengthened through strategic partnerships with community-based organizations. This tactic is grounded in one of our core beliefs – that, while money is certainly a necessary component, it’s through relationships that genuine life change takes place. ER strives to build and maintain meaningful relationships at every level, from those we serve to strategic partners to donors to volunteers. A registered not-for-profit organization in the United States and Canada, ER is actively involved in 11 countries. Our programs include outreach to orphans, dump dwellers and refugees; people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS; people with no access to clean drinking water, proper medical care or education; and people living in extreme poverty. In serving the world’s poor and at-risk, we are addressing critical physical needs. These include, but are not limited to…

  • Shelter for the homeless
  • Food for the hungry
  • Love for the discouraged
  • Education, school supplies and life-skills training for those in need of opportunity
  • Rescue and restoration from human trafficking
  • Training for local leaders

Looking Back: A Mission Defined

Extreme Response International 2In the summer of 1997, an American family living in Quito, Ecuador felt the desire to help the children of parents living and working in the city’s garbage dump. They knew in their hearts if those kids were given an opportunity and the right tools, they would have a brighter future than the one that they were facing. From day one, our mission has never wavered:Change the lives of those living in extreme, often life-threatening, situations. It starts with the basics: love, nutrition, shelter, health, and hygiene. Additionally, as circumstances allow, we help provide a more promising future through education (and reinforcement of classroom lessons) for children and adults, as well as counseling, vocational and life-skills training. Extreme Response has experienced signficant growth. Since our founding in 2001 as an official 501(c)(3) international humanitarian aid organization serving only in Quito, Ecuador, we have grown to serve in 11 countries with four programs, 30 partners, 52 staff members, and an annual average of 250 volunteers. Today, Extreme Response is working to develop intimate long-term relationships with members of the communities in and around our offices in Quito Cape Town, and Manila. We are able to do this through programs that have been developed by and are led by our staff. These programs are continuously evolving to ensure that the needs of the people that we work with are being met, as well as strengthening the relationships within the community.