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Xulon Project Responds To Extreme Needs in Nepal

Xulon ProjectXulon Project 2015-16 Partner UpdatePokhara, Nepal – Xulon Project equips individuals and groups to show love to their community and see lives transformed with purpose and hope for the future. This includes hosting youth camps and providing relief for earthquake victims.

Impact Snapshot: “After the 2015 earthquake, we were able to mobilize volunteers and help people in practical ways. This has helped us learn to work on a bigger scale with a larger network of people to address people’s needs.” – Paulas Panday

2015 Highlights

  • Served 85 children through after-school programs and weekly kids clubs.
  • Provided 355 solar-powered lamps for families who lost homes in the earthquake.
  • Provided emergency shelter and materials for 195 families.
  • Provided school backpacks and supplies for 354 children in 6 villages.
  • Provided jackets, shawls, hats and blankets for 1,668 people in five villages.

IMG_12322016 Top Goal

Xulon Project hosted a Leader Mundial leadership training program for young leaders who want to impact their generation with hope and healing.

Changed Life Story

Last year in August we held a staff meeting in our office to determine what else we should do in the winter for those who were impacted by the earthquake. Because we had met and served hundreds of families through Hope Camp, we wanted to prepare people for the harsh winter approaching them.

women receives blankets for her familySo we contacted the local coordinator who is our volunteer leader to organize relief work in the village. We collected data and raised funds by October. And by November, we were in village with two truckloads of items to give to villagers who had lost their homes in high mountain area.

When the mainstream media reported that the high hill and mountain people in Nepal were in desperate conditions, we had already given winterization materials (shawls, jackets, hats, blankets, etc.) to 381 families in five villages.

We were so pleased to help these villages. Xulon Project was able to bring life and hope to these communities.

Learn more: www.cyfm-nepal.org.